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GripCote Ultra

GripCote Ultra
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Moisture Barrier Under Carpet - Stop Rugs From Sliding

Buy Gripcote and get a moisture barrier under carpets, mats, and area rugs. This product will also stop rugs from sliding around, eliminating the need to always readjust their placement. To apply the moisture barrier under carpet, simply paint product on underside of carpet and let it dry. In one easy step you will stop rugs from sliding around and create a waterproof barrier. This product doesn't only provide a moisture barrier under carpets, it is also oil resistant. Moreover, you will not only stop rugs from sliding, but also stop them from curling on the edges with this product. In addition, Gripcote will resolve issues with separation of carpet and underlayment or pads.

Some products that make a moisture barrier under carpets are not eco-friendly and release toxic fume. Gripcote is green, has low fumes, odor, and VOC's, and is biodegradable. Gripcote will bond with all types of surfaces and also uses no plasticizers, which can damage floors. Rugs treated with this product are also machine washable. This product will replace foam tapes, PVC underlayment, carpet pads, and other similar products with a moisture barrier under carpets and superior non-slip properties.

You can stop rugs from sliding on a variety of surfaces including tile, wood, and stone. You can be sure the moisture barrier under carpet won't leave or transfer residue onto the surface under the area rug. Gripcote can be used on woven or artistic floor coverings, including hallway rugs, Indian rugs, Persian rugs, and wool or cotton throw rugs.

Furthermore, you can stop rugs from sliding without sacrificing aesthetic value because Gripcote dries clear with a slightly tacky feel. By applying this product, you will be able to extend the useful life of your area rugs, carpets, and mats. Gripcote Ultra is available in 16oz or 32oz sizes to fit your needs.

Gripcote Ultra Highlights

  • Stop rugs from sliding
  • Provides moisture barrier under carpets
  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly
  • Easy to apply
  • Dries clear

Applying Moisture Barrier Under Carpet Instructions:

  • Stir or shake product before use
  • Be sure rug to be treated is clear of debris, dirt, and oil/grease
  • Apply with a low nap roller or soft bristle, foam brush
  • Allow to partially dry
  • Apply a second coat
  • Allow to dry until coating is entirely clear (Light traffic only for the first 24 hours)
Notes: Do not apply at temperatures less than 50 degrees. Also do not allow product to puddle.

Gripcote Ultra Available Sizes:

Item # Size
GripUltra16 16oz Bottle
GripUltra32 32oz Bottle

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Order your Gripcote today and stop rugs from sliding in your home while adding a protective layer!

Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.
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Gripcote Ultra anti-slip
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