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Grout Aide Contractor's Pack Grout Marker

Grout Aide Contractor's Pack Grout Marker

Grout Paint Pen - Change Grout Color

This grout paint pen is part of a unique system used to reface stained and discolored grout lines. Change grout color easily and typically with one application that can last years. Your grout paint pen contractors pack contains: a 4 oz bottle of colorant, two tips for both wide and narrow grout lines, and complete instructions. You can change grout color or use the same color to simply refresh the look of your grout. Use this grout paint pen to update the look of your grout in the time it takes to run a marker across your floor. Before you change grout color always make sure the surface to be treated is clean and dry for proper adhesion.

Grout Paint Pen Highlights

  • Change grout color in one application
  • Coverage is 1,400 lineal feet
  • The equivalent of 8 jumbo markers
  • Refaces and restores grout lines
  • (1) 4 oz bottle for easy application
  • (2) Tips for wide and narrow grout lines
    View our Technical Data Sheet for more information on this grout paint pen

Hints to Change Grout Color

  • Shake grout paint pen for at least two minutes
  • Assemble applicator and have a damp cloth handy for clean-up
  • Remove any excess solution with a damp cloth for uniform grout lines
  • Apply a second coat if desired
  • Allow to dry for at least one hour before walking on surface
  • Re-colored grout lines should cure for at least 24 hours before getting wet

SKM grout paint pens to change grout color are also available in different colors and sizes.

Item # Colors
65-0035 White
65-0036 Gray
65-0037 Almond
65-0037 Antique White
65-0039 Charcoal
65-0040 Chocolate Truffle
65-0041 Mushroom

*** NOTE: Always test Grout Aide Markers in a small inconspicuous area first. Remember that the color shown is based on covering white grout. The color will change based on the color it is going over (you may get a more true color adding multiple coats). Think of it like hair dye: the color on the box is not necessarily the color your hair will turn out because they put the dye on a light blonde hair. If the color does not match or is not to your liking, quickly wipe the grout clean with a damp cloth. DO NOT let it dry.

Check out the SKM Grout Aid with Wheel Applicator for an easy and quick application.

Grout paint pens are an affordable and easy way to change grout color, place your order today!

Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.
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