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Gundlach Calcium Blocker Reduce Calcium Build Up

Gundlach Calcium Blocker Reduce Calcium Build Up
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Prevent Calcium Deposits - Surface Protection

Prevent calcium deposits and buildup with Gundlach Calcium Blocker. Using surface protection like calcium blocker will protect surfaces, keeping them looking new longer. Use Gundlach Calcium Blocker to prevent calcium deposits is an environmentally safe protectant. This surface protection is easily applied and even safe for use with aquariums and swimming pools. Prevent calcium deposits, hard water spots and even reduce efflorescence before they have an opportunity to happen. You can use this surface protection on a variety of surfaces such as glass shower doors, shower surrounds, grout, metal and even pavers.

Directions to Prevent Calcium Deposits

  • Apply surface protection with a brush or sprayer
  • Allow to dry thoroughly
  • Apply a second coat for best results
  • Blot up any excess with a dry white cloth
  • Once calcium blocker is completely dry it's ready to use
  • Maintain surface with Gundlach pH Neutral Cleaner and scrub or brush as needed
  • Scrub or brush to keep calcium from building up

Coverage: This calcium blocker to prevent calcium deposits will cover approximately 75 sq. ft per quart depending upon porosity of the surface to be cleaned. Do Not dilute. Gundlach GC36 is a ready-to-use spray.

Uses for Calcium Blocker Surface Protection:

  • Prevent calcium deposits on sinks and bath tubs
  • Glass and metal tiles
  • Grout lines
  • Safe for use in aquariums and water features
  • Stone and tile pavers

Check out the entire line of surface protection Gundlach products. Prevent calcium deposits and save yourself cleaning time. Place your order today with a click or call!

Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.

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Gundlach GC36 Calcium Blocker Reduce Calcium Block-Up
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