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Gundlach Solvent Based Stone Color Enhancer GS05

Gundlach Solvent Based Stone Color Enhancer GS05
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Solvent Based Stone Enhancer - Gundlach Porous Stone Sealer

Gundlach solvent stone enhancer will not only seal and protect your stone but it will enhance its natural beauty. This porous stone sealer is made to work on surfaces such as sandstone, concrete, grout and masonry. Our porous stone sealer is just what you need to protect your surfaces from stains or scratches. Not only will this stone enhancer intensify the natural stone coloring, it will protect it from harsh UV rays.

Apply this porous stone sealer quickly and evenly with a low pressure sprayer for the best results. This stone enhancer solution will cure in just 24 hours and covers approximately 100 to 250 sq ft per gallon.  After using this porous stone sealer, projected wear time is 20 years both when used indoors or outdoors!

Stone Color Enhancer Highlights

  • Porous stone sealer also enhances color
  • Lasts for 20 years
  • Applied easily with brush or sprayer
  • Sealer protects against microbes and UV rays
  • Used indoor or outdoors
  • Will resist against stains and scratches
  • Coverage of 100-250 sq ft per quart

Note: Do not use stone enhancer on polished travertine.

Porous Stone Sealer Instructions:

  • Stone enhancer should only be applied to clean surfaces
  • Wait 48 hours before using on new installations
  • Evenly spray solution with a solvent resistant low pressure sprayer
  • Let surface cure for 24 hours before testing water on area
  • If there is water penetration, apply a second coating
  • For routine maintenance, use a non abrasive pH neutral cleaner

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Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.

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Gundlach Solvent Based Color Enhancer
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