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Hart & Cooley - Floor Registers, Vents & Return Air Grilles

You will not be disappointed with these superior products from Hart & Cooley. Floor registers, return air grilles, ceiling vents and more, all at affordable prices. Multiple sizes and finishes available. Hart & Cooley air distribution products are precision engineered and manufactured to the highest standards making your home more comfortable, safe and energy efficient. Find everything you are looking for and more. Great for commercial applications as well!

Hart & Cooley Registers Highlights

  • Precision engineered and tested
  • Options in all steel construction
  • Multiple sizes & finishes available
  • Special order options. Please contact us at 866-258-1554 for information on Hart & Cooley items not shown below.

Find more Return Air Grilles in a variety of styles and sizes. Get yours now!

White Plastic Sidewall or Ceiling Register
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Master SKU: 24-1551#
Hart and Cooley RZ682 white sidewall / ceiling register is made of ABS plastic and has two-way deflection. Rust resistant vent comes with a damper and can be used for heating or cooling.

Our price: $25.69
Heavy Gauge Steel Floor Register
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Master SKU: 24-0078#

All-steel construction floor register in 19 sizes. Order this vent when you need a top of the line heavy duty register. Color is a light brown.

Our price: $84.15
Golden Sand Stamped Steel Baseboard Return Grille
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Master SKU: 24-0407#
This golden sand baseboard return grille has a depth of 7/8" and is rectangular in shape. Available in three sizes, this metal vent cover is an open air return that will have a continuous airflow.

Our price: $23.49
White Stamped Steel Triangle Baseboard Air Return
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Master SKU: 24-0077#
Traditional 18" white stamped steel baseboard air return. Replace your worn looking baseboard returns at a price you can afford!

Our price: $38.29