Haydon Baseboard Joiner Kit

Haydon Hot Water Baseboard Joiner Kit

Do you have a wall longer than 8 feet and are needing a Hot Water Baseboard to cover the entirety of the wall? If so, this product is the perfect solution. The Joiner Kit allows you to join two or more hot water baseboards to give the look of one continual baseboard. This snap on accessory has a very quick and easy installation, no extra help or tools needed! Give your home a new and improved look at an affordable cost to you.

The Haydon Replacement Items are a perfect way to enhance the look of your home in minutes. Get rid of your old, rusted, painted over hot water baseboard accessories and buy new today! With it's bright white finish and rust inhibiting pre-coat this snap on accessory is sure to impress.

Product Highlights:
  • Simple installation
  • Bright white finish
  • Rust inhibiting pre-coat
  • Gives the look of one consistent baseboard
  • Clean, sleek aesthetic
  • Snaps into place
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Master SKU 750J
Our price: $5.99
Haydon Joiner Kit for hot water baseboards
Haydon Hot Water Baseboard Joiner Kit
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