Haydon End Cap

Haydon End Cap
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Right & Left Baseboard Heater End Cap

Are you tired of looking at your old, rusted, painted over hot water baseboard end caps? Look no further! These Haydon End Caps are perfect when you aren't looking to spend a fortune on a completely new hot water baseboard, but you do want to improve the look of the one you already have. With an off-white finish and rust inhibiting pre-coat, this end cap will give a whole new look to your existing baseboard. 
The snap on installation means there is no need for extra time or money. Simply put the end cap into place and snap it on. It's that simple! Improve the look of your home in seconds, and at an affordable rate! Order online or call us to get started!

Haydon Replacement End Cap Highlights

  • Easy installation
  • Durable off-white finish
  • Rust inhibiting pre-coat
  • Affordable cost

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