Haydon Replacement Baseboard

Haydon Replacement Baseboard
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Haydon Replacement Baseboard

This slim, efficient and economical Haydon 750 Hot Water Baseboard Replacement Cover is ideal in improving the look of your home. Out with the old, in with the new! You can now replace your old rusted hot water baseboard cover with a new Haydon Baseboard Cover. Not only does this replacement baseboard come in several different sizes it also has a simple installation. There is no need for the 'snap-on' baseboard covers with these Haydon Hot Water Baseboard Replacement Covers for these give many more benefits while also having the easy installation aspect.

This replacement baseboard is bright white and pre-coated with a rust-inhibiting, baked on paint. Get rid of your old, painted, rusty baseboard cover and have a whole new look and feel to any room in your home!

The damper is used to deflect or close off the air flow, allowing you to move it to your comfort level with just your finger. It gives a gentle, all over heating to any room while blocking out any cold drafts.

Product Highlights 

  • Made out of 22 gauge steel
  • Finger tip damper control
  • Easy to install
  • Rust inhibiting
  • Bright white
  • Full room heating

Available sizes:
Length Height Width
3 foot 7 1/4" 3 3/16"
4 foot 7 1/4" 3 3/16"
5 foot 7 1/4" 3 3/16"
6 foot 7 1/4" 3 3/16"
7 foot 7 1/4" 3 3/16"
8 foot 7 1/4" 3 3/16"

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