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Homax Caulk Around Caulking Tube Tips

Homax Caulk Around Caulking Tube Tips

Must Have Tool for Caulking - Homax Caulking Tube Tips

The Homax Caulk Around is caulking extension nozzle that slips onto the end of all standard caulking or adhesive tubes. This quick change tool for caulking makes apply caulk in hard to reach places easier. Accurately apply caulk or adhesive in tight spaces such as behind toilets, around pipes, under cabinets and much more! Trim the Homax Caulk Around to desired size, which regulates the flow of caulking or adhesive.

Uses for the caulking extension nozzle:

  • Behind toilets or around bathtubs/sink rims
  • Under cabinets
  • Tight gaps and angles
  • Under door frames
  • Around duct work and pipes
  • Anywhere where a standard cartridge tip won't fit

There are three caulking tube tips per package.

Caulking tube tip directions:

  1. Trim Caulk Around tool for caulking to desired angle using a utility knife
  2. Place caulking extension nozzle over pre-cut caulk tube tip and press on firmly
  3. Rotate to needed angle
  4. If you remove the caulking tube tip during caulking, wipe clean before re-attaching
  5. To remove the Caulk Around, twist and pull off
  6. Clean with warm water or mineral spirits
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Homax Caulk Around Caulking Tube Tips
HOmax Caulk Around Caulking Extension Nozzle
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