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Homax Caulk Remover & Finisher Set

Homax Caulk Remover & Finisher Set
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Homax Caulk Refinishing Kit - Caulk Remover

Try Homax caulk remover and perfect bead caulk finisher for all of your caulking needs. Homax Caulk Refinishing Kit safely removes old caulk and smooths newly applied caulk to make your home improvement jobs easier. This kit includes different kinds of tools to effectively remove old caulk and perfect the look of your new caulking. The 2 piece caulk refinishing kit has our low prices and fast shipping, so order today.

Homax Caulk Refinishing Kit Contains:

  • 1 Caulk Remover Tool: The Homax caulk removal tool lifts old caulk quickly and accurately, even old, dried caulk. To remove caulk, simply use one of the three plastic blades.
  • 1 Perfect Bead Caulk Finisher: To smooth newly applied caulk, hold the Homax smoother tool at a 45 degree angle and make contact with both sides of the crevice. Great for showers, sinks, tubs, windows, and siding.
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