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Host Spot Remover - 8 oz.

Host Spot Remover - 8 oz.

Host Carpet Spot Remover

Host Spot Remover is a terrific agent for deep cleaning those tough carpet stains. This Carpet Spot Remover can spot clean your dirty rug in a way which other cleaners cannot. Host cleaner is effective on food and pet carpet stains as well as grease, gum, and drinks. Simply apply a small amount of Host cleaner to the stain area, and work in with a clean towel. When used in conjuction with Host Dry Carpet Cleaner, stubborn carpet stains do not stand a chance! Host Spot Remover is a non-toxic cleaner that is made of natural safe-to-use solvents and detergents. Order your Host Carpet Spot Remover here and say goodbye to your dirty rug.

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Host Spot Remover - 8 oz
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