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Host Carpet Cleaning Kit, Concentrate & Spot Remover

Get professional results with Host Carpet Cleaning Products. Dry Carpet Cleaning Care Kit, Cleaner Concentrate and Spot Remover are environmentally friendly and easy to use. Host saves water, energy and is 100% plant-based.

Host Carpet Cleaning Highlights

  • Professional level carpet cleaning products
  • Effective and easy to use
  • Environmentally friendly

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Host Dry Carpet Cleaning Care Kit
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Master SKU: 39-0001#

You won't regret buying the Host Dry Carpet Cleaning Kit. The Host Dry Carpet Cleaning Kit can remove virtually any spot or stain, be it dry or wet!

Our price: $31.59
Host Pre-Clean For Carpet - 7oz
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Master SKU: 39-0003#

Host Pre-Clean for carpet is a terrific, deep penetrating agent, that is great to use before you apply Host Dry Carpet Cleaner. The Host Pre-Clean works hard to lift stains from your high traffic areas.

Our price: $8.49
Host Spot Remover - 8 oz.
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Master SKU: 39-0004#

Host Spot Remover is what you need if you're trying to remove those deep penetrating stains and spots. Host Spot Remover can eliminate virtually any stain, from chewing gum to kool-aid!

Our price: $9.99
Host Dry Carpet Cleaner
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Master SKU: 39-0002#

Host Dry Carpet Cleaner is a terrific product for deep cleaning those nasty spills, pet stains, wine, gum, grease, paint, and more. No wet carpet after cleaning!

Our price: $16.79
Host Odor Exploder Concentrate
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Master SKU: 39-0007#

Use Odor Exploder to destroy smoke, cooking, and pet odors. Ideal for use in bathrooms, pet areas, nursing homes, hospitals, restaurants, and hotels.

Our price: $8.99