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Hot Water Baseboard Heater

Cover Luxe & Haydon Baseboard Covers - Hot Water Heater Replacement

Update the look and feel of your home with these affordable products from Cover Luxe and Haydon. Find strong and affordable baseboard replacement covers for your hot water baseboard heaters. Rust-proof and easy to install, these baseboard covers are exactly what you have been waiting for. Additional information and product options listed below.

Hot Water Baseboard Heater Highlights

  • Cover Luxe & Haydon hot water baseboard heater covers
  • Durable rust-proof options that are easy to install
  • Efficient and economical baseboard accessories

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Haydon 750 Residential Baseboard
Haydon 750 Residential Baseboard
7 products
Plastic Hot Water Baseboard Cover
Plastic Hot Water Baseboard Cover
5 products