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Instabind Regular Carpet Binding - Buckskin

Instabind Regular Carpet Binding - Buckskin

Buckskin Rug Binding Tape - Instabind Carpet Binding

Our rug binding tape is the ultimate saver when it comes to repairing old and frayed mats. Use Instabind carpet binding on indoor and outdoor carpet pieces to bind the edges for a seamless look. This rug binding tape is a simple product to use since all you need are scissors and a hot glue gun. The Instabind carpet binding is available in this buckskin beige color and has a regular wound binding edge.

Use this rug binding tape on hallways runners and entrance mats. Instabind carpet edge binding is a great item to have for those do it yourself-ers. Order the rug binding tape from us to have it all shipped to your home for one low cost. The Instabind carpet binding is sold by the foot and once used, will give old mats a fresh, renovated look.

Rug Binding Tape Directions

  • Start Instabind carpet binding at the middle of a carpet edge
  • At one end, cut about 1.5" of tubing out and leave hollow end
  • Remove backing of adhesive and stick Instabind to carpet
  • Move Instabind along the edge until you reach the corner
  • Curve Instabind over to next edge until finished
  • Once you reach the beginning of binding, insert Instabind tube into end of hollow piece
  • Hot glue the edge of the carpet to the Instabind to get a seamless look

Instabind Carpet Binding Highlights

  • Rug binding tape requires no sewing
  • Adhesive backing helps keep product in place
  • Binding is regular wound
  • Application is quite simple
  • Use on indoor carpets and mats
  • Sold by the foot
Purchase your rug binding tape in a choice of 22 colors. Also get your hot glue gun for easy application and save on shipping!

Carpet Binding Instructional Video

Our buckskin Instabind binding is the perfect solution to fixing up frayed carpets. Order now!
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