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Instabind Regular Carpet Binding - Light Tan

Instabind Regular Carpet Binding - Light Tan
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Light Tan Instabind Edging - Self Adhesive Rug Binding Tape

Order Instabind for an easy solution to repair frayed carpet. Self adhesive rug binding tape has a sticky backing to help hold the product to your carpet. The only tools that are necessary are scissors and a hot glue gun. Instabind tape is sold by the foot and can be used to make hallway runners or entrance mats. Refresh carpeting or create your own seamless mat today!

Regular Carpet Binding Directions

  • Place Instabind carpet binding in the middle of prepared carpet edge
  • Leave a 1.5" hollow end at the beginning by cutting away tubing
  • Start to wrap binding around carpet edges until you reach the start
  • Remove self adhesive backing as you go to keep product in place
  • Insert end of binding into hollow piece to create a seamless bond
  • For a secure hold, seal edge between carpet & binding with hot glue

Instabind Carpet Edging Highlights

  • Edging tape requires only two tools for application
  • Adhesive backing helps hold product to carpeting
  • Carpet edging is regular bound for durability
  • Conveniently sold by the foot for easy ordering
  • Repurpose old carpets into new entrance mats
Find a variety of carpet edging colors to choose from. Purchase your hot glue gun at the same time to have the entire order ship for one low price.

Carpet Binding Instructional Video

Self adhesive rug binding tape is an innovative product that is affordable and handy when it comes to do it yourself projects. Order with us today!
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Instabind Instant Carpet Binding - Light Tan
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