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Instabind Regular Carpet Binding - Malt

Instabind Regular Carpet Binding - Malt

Carpet Binding Tape - Malt Colored Rug Edging

Instabind carpet binding tape is regular wound edging that has an adhesive backing to stick and then hot glue to frayed carpet for a seamless look. Our rug edging is sold by the foot and is available in a malt brown color. The carpet binding tape can be used on old indoor and outdoor mats to given them a fresher look.

Rug edging projects are made easy with this product which requires no professional help. This carpet binding tape should be hot glued to the sides of your carpet to ensure a secure hold but requires no other tools! The rug edging binding is durable enough to be used in RV’s and in boats to fix up floor runners.

Carpet Binding Tape Directions

  • Rug edging should be applied to middle of carpet edge
  • Cut away 1.5” of tubing at the beginning end of Instabind and leave hollow
  • Using the adhesive backing, stick edging to carpet
  • Move edging to corner and cut adhesive backing to curve edge
  • Work edging around entire carpet this way
  • Once you have reached beginning, insert end piece in to beginning hollow casing
  • Hot glue edging to carpet for seamless look

Rug Edging Highlights

  • Carpet binding tape is sold by the foot
  • Binds to carpet edges with self adhesive backing
  • Requires no sewing
  • Durable binding is regular wound
  • Use on indoor and outdoor mats
  • Easy do it yourself application
Carpet binding tape is sold in 22 colors and can be purchased online along with a hot glue gun to save on shipping.

Carpet Edge Instructional Video

Malt rug edging is a great and inexpensive way to fix up old rugs so order with us now!
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