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Instabind Regular Carpet Binding - Tan

Instabind Regular Carpet Binding - Tan

Binding Carpet Edges - DIY Carpet Binding

Binding carpet edges is made easy with Instabind which only requires scissors and a hot glue gun. DIY carpet binding is sold by the foot and is available in this tan, brown color to blend in with your home furniture. Begin binding carpet edges with the product by following the instructions below. This DIY carpet binding is so easy that anyone could do it!

When binding carpet edges with Instabind, you can be assured that this durable product will keep edges from fraying further. The DIY carpet binding has a self adhesive backing that will help keep the binding base in place once applied. Afterwards, the carpet and Instabind should be hot glued together to keep in product in place. Binding carpet edges yourself at home is a great project for homeowners looking to save money on replacing old rugs. Get this DIY carpet binding today and use in your RV, home, outdoor and boat mats!

Binding Carpet Edges Directions

  • DIY carpet binding should be applied to the middle of carpet edge
  • At the beginning of binding, cut 1.5” of tubing away, leaving hollow case
  • Bind the edge to carpet by peeling away self adhesive backing
  • Work to corner and then cut at adhesive backing to turn binding to next carpet edge
  • Do this until you reach the beginning of carpet binding
  • Cut binding and insert tubing into hollow edge
  • Use hot glue gun between carpet seam and binding to secure them together

DIY Carpet Binding Highlights

  • Binding carpet edges can be done by anyone
  • Use on mat and carpet edges
  • Durable and regular bound
  • Sold by the foot
  • No sewing required
  • Self adhesive backing keeps product in place
Find your binding carpet edges Instabind in a variety of colors and purchase along with a hot glue gun which is also also sold online.

Carpet Binding Instructional Video

DIY carpet binding will ship straight to your door for just one low cost so order today!
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Instabind Instant Carpet Binding - Tan
Instabind Instant Carpet Binding - Tan
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