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Instabind Regular Carpet Binding - Wheat

Instabind Regular Carpet Binding - Wheat

Carpet Edging Tape - Carpet Binding

Wheat carpet edging tape from Instabind is a simple way to fix frayed carpet edging without the inconvenience of sewing. Our carpet binding requires only scissors and hot glue when applying the binding to the carpet pieces. The carpet edging tape has an adhesive backing that helps hold the product to the carpet, but the pieces must be glued together for durability. This wheat carpet binding is sold by the foot to fit the needs of any project.

Purchase this carpet edging tape when looking to make entrance mats or hallway runners out of carpet remnants that are lying around your house. Also use the carpet binding in your RV or boat to repair frayed carpet edges and refresh the look!

Carpet Edging Tape Directions

  • Place Instabind carpet binding in middle of carpet edge
  • Leave a 1.5" hollow end at the beginning by cutting away tubing
  • Start to wrap binding around carpet edges until you reach the beginning
  • Remove self adhesive backing as you go along edge to keep product in place
  • Insert end of binding into hollow piece to create a seamless bond
  • For a secure hold, seal edge between carpet and binding tape with hot glue gun

Carpet Binding Highlights

  • Carpet edging tape requires only two tools for application
  • Adhesive backing helps hold product to carpeting
  • Binding is regular wound for durability
  • Purchase product by the foot
  • Mend old carpets into new entrance mats
Find a variety of carpet edging tape colors listed on our website. Purchase your hot glue gun at the same time to have the entire order ship for one low fee.

Carpet Edging Tape Instructional Video

Use this wheat carpet edging tape to create seamless carpet edges without needing to sew anything. Place your order now!
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