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Johnsonite Cove Base 2.5" High x .080" Gauge In Corner

Johnsonite Cove Base 2.5" High x .080" Gauge In Corner
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Vinyl Wall Base Corners - Cove Base In-Corners

Using pre-molded cove base in-corners make adding a finishing touch to any room a snap.  1' in-corner cove base corners are perfect for small or DIY projects because they are easy to use. This cove base corner is 2.5" tall and .080" thick. These pre-molded inside corners create a seamless border from one corner to the next. Our right angle inside corners come ready for installation.

The vinyl wall base in-corners are available with a toe, good for hiding minor imperfections where the wall meets the floor. Johnsonite cove base molding corners are also available without a toe for carpeted areas. With 36 colors available you are sure to find the perfect color to match your home.

You will want to use either cove base adhesive or power tape to install the cove base corners. We offer all the installation tools you will need to take the installation of your cove base corners from start to finish. Please be sure that the wall is clean and free of all bumps or holes that would affect the adhesive's performance.

Please take a moment to watch our Johnsonite video showing how we make the pre-molded  in-corners .

These cove base in-corners can be used with the 2.5 inch height 4 foot strips or the 120 foot coils cove base molding.

Johnsonite Baseboard Trim Highlights

  • Durable vinyl cove base molding
  • 2.5" height
  • .080" thick
  • 1' long right angle inside corners
  • 36 colors

Vinyl Cove Base Molding Notes:

  • Depending on stock, shipping times and lead times for the vinyl baseboard trim may vary. Lead time is typically 1-3 weeks. Please call for availability.
  • The cost changes depending on color, quantity, and profile. Please make selections below to see pricing.
  • All monitors display colors differently, please request color samples for accurate colors.
  • Pre-molded out corners can also be ordered in a 2.5 inch height .080 inch thickness

Johnsonite Vinyl Wall Base Corners - Pre Molded In-Corners

Save time and headaches when installing your cove base with these pre-molded in-corners of vinyl wall base.

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