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Johnsonite Cove Base 2.5" High x .125" Gauge Out Corner

Johnsonite Cove Base 2.5" High x .125" Gauge Out Corner

Vinyl Baseboard Molding - 1' Cove Base Out-Corners

Using pre-made vinyl baseboard molding out-corners when installing cove base will save you time and headaches. Our vinyl baseboard molding out-corners are 1' long and are perfect for smaller jobs and DIY projects because they are easy to use.

The vinyl baseboard molding out-corners are available in 36 colors. You can also choose from vinyl base with a toe or without a toe. Vinyl baseboard molding with a toe is great for hiding minor imperfections where the flooring meets the wall. Vinyl base without a toe is made for carpeted areas.

Cove base adhesive or power tape is recommended when installing vinyl baseboard out-corners. A variety of installation tools are available to make any size project a snap. Take a moment to watch how the out-corners and in-corners are made. There is also a helpful cove base installation video.

You can use these out-corners with the 4' strips of vinyl baseboard molding or the 120' cove base coils. Purchase pre-molded inside corners, and make installation a breeze!

Vinyl Baseboard Molding Highlights

  • 2.5" tall cove base
  • Durable vinyl material
  • .125" thick
  • 1' long out-corners
  • 36 colors

Johnsonite Cove Base Notes

  • Vinyl baseboard molding stock will affect the lead time (typically 1-3 weeks). Please call to check availability.
  • The cost will change based off of color, profile, and quantity. Please choose options below to see pricing.
  • Because monitors display colors differently, please request color samples for best color representation.
  • We offer matching pre-molded inside corners as well.

Make installing vinyl baseboard molding a snap by using these pre-molded out-corners.

Master SKU 2x.125OC-CB-00
Our price: $2.49
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