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Johnsonite Transition & Adaptor Moldings

Carpet to Resilient Flooring Adaptors - Johnsonite Transition Strips

Adaptor moldings by Johnsonite create a seamless transition where floors of slightly different thicknesses come together. These transition strips are specially designed to provide a smooth transition from carpet to resilient flooring. They are easy to install and are great for high traffic areas. Flooring adaptors provide excellent resistance to scuffing and gouging while meeting ADA recommendations for transitions of different flooring surfaces. For use in doorways, room entryways or other locations where floors meet. Transition strips provide the finishing touch to updated flooring. See additional details and product options below.

Flooring Adaptor Highlights

  • Adaptors ensure a safe transition from one surface to another
  • Transition strips meet performance and design requirements of the ADA
  • Available in a wide selection of colors to complement any home

We also offer Wheeled Traffic Transitions for a more gradual transition between floors. Place your order today!

Johnsonite 946 Contact Bond Adhesive
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Master SKU: JOH946Q

Install Johnsonite transition moldings such as the CTA-XX-A, CTA-XX-C and CTA-XX-D with the 946 contact bond adhesive. This transition strip adhesive is also recommended to install vinyl and rubber cove base on non-porous surfaces only, such as stainless steel. Sold in a 1 KG (0.95 QT) bucket.

Our price: $57.89
Dap Weldwood Contact Cement
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Master SKU: 45-0005#
Dap Contact Cement is very versatile and is suitable for use with laminates, veneers, paper, cork, vinyl, plywood, fabrics, wood, and many other surfaces. Always test the product on a small area to ensure desired results.***Not recommended as a covebase adhesive.

Our price: $29.99
Johnsonite A Adaptor - 1/4 Carpet to 1/8 Resilient Flooring
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Master SKU: CTA-xx-A

1/4" carpet to 1/8" resilient vinyl adaptor. Must be secured with adhesive when installed.

Our price: $28.49
Johnsonite C Adaptor - 1/4 Carpet to 1/8 Resilient Flooring
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Master SKU: CTA-xx-C

Used for transitioning between 1/4" carpeting and 1/8" resilient vinyl flooring. You must secure the transition with an adhesive when installing.

Our price: $23.69
Johnsonite D Adaptor - 5/16 Carpet to 1/8 or 1/16 Resilient Flooring
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Master SKU: CTA-xx-D#

Used for transitioning between 5/16" carpeting and 1/8" to 1/16" resilient vinyl flooring. Must be secured with adhesive when installed. Available in 32 colors.

Our price: $45.59