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Kahrs Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Kahrs Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Kahrs Floor Cleaner - Wood Floor Care

The Kahrs floor cleaner is made to be used on polyurethane finished wood floors. Wood floor care is essential in any home and this product will leave behind no residue and requires no rinse. Kahrs floor cleaner is available in both a 750ml spray bottle or a gallon size container which can refill old bottles. Wood floor care should be maintained regularly and this product is ready to use once purchased. Use the Kahrs floor cleaner with a microfiber pad and mist onto debris free floors when using. This non toxic wood floor care cleaner is safe to use in your home and will ship for just one low cost!

Kahrs Floor Cleaner Highlights

  • Wood floor care solution is ready to use
  • Two sizes are available
  • Cleaner is pH neutral
  • No residue is left behind
  • Use on unwaxed wood floors
  • Solution is water based

Wood Floor Care Directions

  • Kahrs floor cleaner should be applied to debris free floors
  • Mist cleaner onto floor and mop pad for best results
  • Work in small sections as you go
  • Replace microfiber pads or towels as they get dirty
  • Let floors dry afterwards completely before allowing foot traffic

Purchase your Kahrs floor cleaner with an empty 32 oz bottle in order to refill the product when necessary.

Wood floor care is made easy when you use the Kahrs cleaner in your daily routine. Order today!

Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.

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Karhrs Wood Floor Cleaner
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