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Kahrs International - Hardwood Floor Cleaner, Refresher & Satin Oil

Maintain your wood and parquet floors with protective maintenance products from Kahrs International. The Hardwood Floor Cleaner, Refresher & Satin Oil clean effectively to transform your floors. The Kahrs Cleaning Kit is a great way to get started.

Kahrs Hardwood Floor Cleaner Highlights

  • Top quality flooring maintenance products
  • Clean with added protection
  • Affordable and ready to use

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Kahrs Hardwood Floor Cleaner
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Master SKU: 35-0014#
Kahrs floor cleaner is safe to use on any urethane finished wood floor. Available in a 750ml spray or gallon sized refill. Ready to use and no residue left behind!

Our price: $23.39
Kahrs Hardwood Floor Cleaning Kit
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Master SKU: 35-0200
Hard-to-find Karhs floor cleaner in a convenient kit. Save money by buying this Kahrs hardwood floor cleaner kit which comes with a quart bottle of Karhs floor cleaner and durable microfiber mop.

Our price: $34.99
Kahrs Hardwood Lacquer Refresher
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Master SKU: 35-0016#

Kahrs Lacquer Refresher gives a new finish to scratched and worn surfaces. This easy to use refresher product, makes lacquered wood floor care a breeze! Sold in a Liter size bottle. 

Our price: $24.99
Kahrs Satin Oil
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Master SKU: 35-0004

Kahrs Satin Oil is a hardening urethane oil for maintaining wood and parquet floors. Provides a protective oil layer with a beautiful shine. Available in 1 liter.

Our price: $71.99