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Karndean Dim Glow Refresher For Vinyl Floors

Karndean Dim Glow Refresher For Vinyl Floors

Anti-Slip Vinyl Floor Protector also for Easy Cleaning

For easy cleaning use Dim Glow floor refresher made by Karndean. This Karndean floor protector creates an anti slip vinyl floor film for safety. Dim Glow Refresher will also help protect your floor from future scratches and marks. Karndean Refresh creates a satin finish and helps protect your floors from fine scratches.
    Directions on use for anti-slip vinyl protection:
  • Shake vigorously before use
  • Use the blue applicator and white pad (in clean start pack)
  • Spread an even thin layer of Dim Glow in one direction
  • Leave first layer to dry 30 minutes
  • For heavy traffic, repeat in perpendicular direction
  • Rinse white pad immediately for future use
  • Let dry for at least 6 hours, overnight is preferred
  • Shelf life is one year
Item #: 63-0003 - 25.4 oz Bottle - Covers approx. 161 square feet
Item #: 63-0006 - 5 Liter Bottle - Covers approx. 969 square feet

It is recommended to remove existing dirt and residue from your floors before using the Refresh, by using the Karndean Remove product.

Instructional Video for Karndean Refresher
(please note, the refresher sold in the kit is the same as the refresher sold in this listing)
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Karndean Dim Glow For Vinyl Floors
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