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Karndean Dry Set Adhesive

Karndean Dry Set Adhesive

Karndean Dry Set Adhesive Pails - Faster Drying LVT Adhesive

Karndean has come up with a revolutionary LVT adhesive to make interior flooring installation a breeze! The Karndean dry set adhesive is a roll-on flooring glue that dries in less than 15 minutes.The aqueous LVT adhesive is applied using a 3/8" nap paint roller and dries quickly to facilitate fast installation times. This Kardean flooring glue has outstanding shear resistance. Available in a 1 gallon or 4 gallon bucket.

Karndean Dry Set Adhesive Highlights:
  • Quick Dry solvent free flooring glue
  • Only one coat needed (two coats may be needed for textured surfaces)
  • Dries in as little as 15 minutes
  • Aqueous adhesive suitable for interior installations of luxury vinyl tile (LVT)
  • Apply using a 3/8" nap paint roller
  • Appropriate to use on porous and non-porous surfaces
  • This Karndean flooring glue must be kept from freezing
  • Please refer to the Karndean Dry Set Info & Installation file for more product and installation information
Installation: The completed application of Karndean dry set adhesive must be allowed to dry, and kept clean and apart from contact with other surfaces until ready to begin the bonding process. Do not spread more adhesive than can be covered in a day's time.
Once the Karndean flooring glue has dried, carefully position the flooring tiles to achieve a precise fit and proper alignment before pressing or rolling the assembly. After the flooring installed is rolled or pressed into place, re-positioning is usually not possible. Normal foot traffic may resume as soon as the installation is completed.

Karndean Dry Set Adhesive Coverage
1 Gallon Pail 4 Gallon Pail
350-450 sq. ft 1,400-1,800 sq. ft

This Karndean glue is not stocked at our warehouse, and is drop shipped direct from the manufacturer.
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Karndean Dry Set Adhesive for Vinyl Floors - 1 Gallon or 4 Gallon Pails
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