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Karndean Epoxy Adhesive - Two Part Epoxy Flooring Glue

Karndean Epoxy Adhesive - Two Part Epoxy Flooring Glue

Karndean Flooring Glue - Two Part Epoxy Adhesive

Karndean epoxy adhesive is recommended for areas subject to high moisture and/or excessive temperatures. This Karndean flooring glue is a two-part mix, that make a gallon of epoxy adhesive once mixed. Use this Karndean epoxy adhesive when applying Karndean Design flooring tile/plank over porous subfloors (such as concrete or wood) and non-porous floors (such as existing vinyl floors, steel decks, and marine applications). Parts A and B of this two-part epoxy flooring glue need to be mixed together with a drill and paddle to a smooth consistency. You have a one hour working time once the Karndean epoxy adhesive is poured onto the floor. Eye protection and gloves must be worn when installing vinyl floors using this Karndean flooring glue.

Karndean Epoxy Adhesive Highlights:
  • Two-part epoxy Karndean flooring glue
  • Makes a gallon of glue after mixing part A and part B
  • Extremely strong bond
  • Recommended in high moisture areas or areas where excessive temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit (50 degrees Celcius)
  • Eye protection and gloves must be worn when using this product
  • Mix together parts with a drill and paddle to smooth consistency and contents poured out within 5 minutes of mixing time
  • 1 hour working time once Karndean epoxy adhesive poured on floor
  • Depending on the porosity of the subfloor, apply with either square-notched or u-notched trowel
  • Karndean epoxy adhesive may be used in environments with an RH up to 80%
  • Please view page 4 of the Karndean Installation PDF for Kardnean Two-Part epoxy flooring glue instructions
This Karndean glue is not stocked at our warehouse, and is drop shipped direct from the manufacturer.

Karndean Epoxy Adhesive Coverage
Porous Subfloor 125-150 sq ft
Non-Porous Subfloor 150-180 sq ft

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