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Karndean floor care is important to properly maintain and extend the life of your flooring. Using Karndean cleaner, refresher and stripper will provide you with everything you need to take great care of your floors.

If you're just getting started try the Karndean Floor Care Kit, it includes the Karndean Routine Cleaner, Karndean Refresh and Karndean Stripper. You also will receive a mop head and felt pads. Or you can order bottles of any of three in two different sizes to fit your needs.

Great for use in both residential and commercial locations. Keep your Karndean floors looking their best with Karndean floor care products.

Great instructional video on how to refresh your Karndean vinyl floors (usuing Karndean basic stripper and refresh).

Great instructional video on how to clean your Karndean vinyl floors:


Karndean K-95HM Adhesive
Master SKU: K-95.11

Karndeans K-95HM adhesive is perfect for porus and non porus surfaces with a high shear strength. Sold in 1 gallon and 4 gallon containers. 

Our price: $77.69
Karndean Refresh Commercial Protection
Master SKU: 63-0008
Karndean Commercial Refresh gives luxury vinyl tile (LVT) a satin finish that help protect against marks and fine scratches. This product will also treat your flooring with a slip-resistant coating that makes it perfect for the heavy foot traffic that you would find in a commercial setting.

Our price: $107.69
Karndean K Spray - Floor Adhesive Spray
Master SKU: K-Spray
NEW Karndean K Spray dries in only 10 to 20 minutes. Use 80% less adhesive when you use this floor adhesive spray. 22 oz aerosol can of kardean glue.

Our price: $104.99
Karndean Epoxy Adhesive - Two Part Epoxy Flooring Glue
Master SKU: K-Epoxy
Karndean epoxy adhesive is recommended for areas exposed to high moisture and excessive temperature. This two part epoxy adhesive makes a gallon of flooring glue once combined. Price includes containers: part 1 and part 2.

Our price: $129.99
Karndean Dry Set Adhesive
Master SKU: K-DrySet1
Revolutionary Karndean dry set adhesive dries in 10-15 minutes, which means quicker installation times. This roll-on LVT adhesive is water-based Karndean flooring glue suitable for interior installations. Sold in a 1 gallon or 4 gallon bucket.

Our price: $132.99
Karndean Clean Start Pack
Master SKU: 63-0001#
Have you just had your Karndean floor installed? Keep your floors clean, shiny and looking new with Karndean's Clean Start Pack.

Our price: $79.29
Karndean Routine Cleaner for Vinyl Floors
Master SKU: 63-0004#
Use regularly to maintain your Karndean vinyl floors. Keeps your Karndean floors clean.

Our price: $10.99
Karndean Dim Glow Refresher For Vinyl Floors
Master SKU: 63-0003#
For use on Karndean vinyl floors. Karndean Dim Glow Refresher creates a matte, anti-slip film on your vinyl floor. Helps to protect your Karndean vinyl floor from marks, scratches, and makes cleaning your floor easier.

Our price: $18.39
Karndean Basic Stripper Vinyl Floor Adhesive Remover
Master SKU: 63-0002#
Use for stripping down your Karndean vinyl flooring. Karndean Basic Stripper will remove any remains of adhesive, and previous applications of Dim Glow.

Our price: $12.09