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Laminate Floor Cleaner

Cleaners, Refreshers & Cleaning Kits - Laminate Floor Care

High-quality laminate floors are a great alternative to hardwood at a much lower price. However, if not cared for properly the finish can dull over time. Maintain the look of your floors with name brand laminate floor cleaners, refreshers and cleaning kits. Experience amazing results without excess effort with these effective, easy to use products. Concentrates and ready-to-go formulas protect your floors and restore an all over shine. Streak-free and eco-friendly options can be shipped right to your doorstep. Additional details and order options listed below.

Laminate Floor Cleaner Highlights

  • Versatile cleaners and refreshers for laminate flooring
  • Convenient all-in-one ready to use cleaning kits
  • Eliminate unwanted marks and scuffs for an all over shine

We also offer Ceramic Cleaner to maintain and protect your floors in every room. Place your order today!

Arboritec Refresher - Wood Floor Refresher
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Master SKU: 16-0030
Arboritec Refresher can be used on all polyurethane finished wood floors, laminate, vinyl, PVC or linoleum surfaces. Prevent your flooring from visual signs of aging and wear.  Sold in a Liter bottle.

Our price: $19.79
Basic Coatings Squeaky Floor Cleaner Refill Bundle
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Master SKU: 16-00019
Save $4 with the Squeaky floor cleaner sold in an economical refill bundle for hundreds of cleanings. Use this Basic Coatings Squeaky Clean on no-wax urethane finished wood or laminate floors. This pack comes with one ready-to-use 32 oz spray and four squeaky concentrates.

Our price: $24.19
Bruce Hardwood & Laminate Cleaner
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Master SKU: 27-0054#
Bruce Hardwood Floor and Laminate Cleaner is specifically formulated for all no-wax, urethane finished hardwood floors and laminate. Previously known as "Bruce Dura Luster". Available in a 32oz spray or 64oz Refill.

Our price: $14.99
Dr Schutz Laminate Cleaner
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Master SKU: 58-0013
Dr. Schutz Concentrated Cleaner is a mild neutral cleaning agent for the initial and daily cleaning of your laminate floors. Available in a 750 mL bottle.

Our price: $22.65
Dr Schutz SprayMax Cleaner
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Master SKU: 58-0005
Dr. Schutz SprayMax laminate and wood floor cleaner is sold in a 1 liter spray bottle and is ready-to-use. Quick and simple steps for cleaning floors.

Our price: $22.65
Dr Schutz Universal Stain Remover Spray
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Master SKU: 58-0002
Affordable and effective multi-use, Universal Stain Remover by Dr. Schutz. This 200 ml spray bottle can tackle hard-to-remove stains on resilient floors, laminates, sealed wood and cork floors, as well as carpets and upholstery.

Our price: $23.09
Flooraid Plus
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Master SKU: 11-0007.
Buy FloorAid+ to clean hard surface floors. Made by the same company that makes CarpetAid+. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic hard surface floor cleaner. Available in a 24oz Spray or 64oz Refill. $2 manufacturer rebate available!

Our price: $7.99
Host Odor Exploder Concentrate
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Master SKU: 39-0007#

Use Odor Exploder to destroy smoke, cooking, and pet odors. Ideal for use in bathrooms, pet areas, nursing homes, hospitals, restaurants, and hotels.

Our price: $8.99
Libman 16 oz Freedom Multi-Surface Cleaner Concentrate
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Master SKU: 66-0002

Cut through grease, grime and more with Libman 16 oz Freedom Multi-Surface Cleaner Concentrate.

Our price: $12.19
Loba Hardwood Floor Cleaner
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Master SKU: 30-0024
Trusted Loba Hardwood Floor Cleaner sold in a ready-to-use 32 oz spray bottle. No residue is left behind with this wood, laminate and cork cleaner. Use on many different types of hard surface floors.

Our price: $20.89
Loba Hardwood Floor Cleaner Concentrate
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Master SKU: 30-0023
Hard-to-find Loba Hardwood Floor Cleaner in an economical concentrated formula. Environmentally friendly cleaner for wood, laminate, cork and other hard surfaces.

Our price: $21.69
Mannington Ultra Clean
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Master SKU: 14-0028#
Clean your hardwood and laminate flooring with Mannington Ultra Clean spray. Safe, affordable and easy to use cleaner is effective on stains and leaves no residue.

Our price: $24.49
Mannington Ultra Clean Hardwood and Laminate Cleaning Kit
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Master SKU: 14-0029

This wood and laminate floor cleaning kit includes a quart size Mannington Ultra Clean spray and heavy duty microfiber cleaning mop. Everything you need to keep your floors looking great.

Our price: $39.99
Mohawk Hardwood and Laminate Cleaner
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Master SKU: 27-0050

Keep your floors cleaner for longer with Mohawk's new Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner. This 32oz spray is designed to effectively clean all non-waxed, polyurethane hardwood, laminate and factory pre-finished hardwood floors.  

Our price: $20.75
Performance Accessories Hard Surface Cleaner
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Master SKU: 35-0065#

Easily clean your laminate and hard surface flooring with this product from Performance Accessories.
***This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. It is no longer available for purchase. ***PLEASE DO NOT ORDER! IF ORDERED IT WILL BE CANCELLED.*** We recommend the Mohawk Hardwood and Laminate Cleaner as a replacement!

Our price: $17.89
Sentinel 810 All Surface Cleaning Kit
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Master SKU: 42-1000#

Everything you need for effective all surface cleaning. This kit includes a 32 oz bottle of Sentinel 810 all surface cleaner and a heavy-duty microfiber mop with cleaning mop pad.

Our price: $26.99
Sentinel 810 All Surface Floor Cleaner
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Master SKU: 42-0003#
Sentinel 810 floor cleaner is great for floor prep, everyday cleaning and maintenance. Biodegradable, low odor - safely clean and shine finished hardwood, laminates, ceramic, stone, and vinyl.

Our price: $8.49
Somerset Ultimate Wood Floor Cleaner Kit
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Master SKU: 14-0020

Try Somerset Ultimate Wood Floor Cleaning Kit on your floors. Kit includes cleaner and microfiber mop.

Our price: $41.99
Squeaky Cleaner Floor Cleaner - Basic Coatings
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Master SKU: 16-0002#

Basic Coatings Squeaky Floor Cleaner is perfect for regular maintenance of your laminate or hardwood floors. Choose from a 4oz Squeaky concentrate, gallon concentrate, 32oz ready-to-use spray, ready-to-use gallon refill or the Squeaky Floor Care System Kit!

Our price: $11.55
Tech Wood and Laminate Cleaner
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Master SKU: 27-0503.

All Tech products are Made in the USA. Ready-to-use floor cleaner requires no rinse and leaves no residue.

Our price: $9.49
Tech Wood and Laminate Floor Cleaning Kit
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Master SKU: 27-0510

Safe and efficient Tech floor cleaner in a convenient kit. This laminate and wood floor cleaning kit includes a 24 oz spray bottle of Tech floor cleaner and a heavy duty microfiber mop. Save by bundling the Tech floor cleaner and microfiber mop.

Our price: $26.99
Traction Plus Finished Surfaces Cleaner and Maintainer
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Master SKU: 11-0076.

This Traction Plus for finished surfaces will clean your floors while bringing back it's slip resistance in just a few easy steps. Use this product on your VCT, sheet vinyl, sealed wood and more! 

Our price: $36.19
Treva's Secret Miracle Multi-purpose Cleaner
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Master SKU: 59-0101

Treva's Secret Miracle sanitizes and disinfects as you clean! This product will eradicate the smell of pet urine and easily removes adhesives, grease, scuff marks and more! 

Our price: $22.99