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Large Glue Gun w/ Precision Nozzle

Large Glue Gun w/ Precision Nozzle

Large Hot Glue Gun

This full size hot glue gun is a simple and inexpensive way to attach carpet binding to any of your carpets or carpet runners. This hot glue gun has a precision tip for your convenience and easier Instabind installation. This large hot glue gun is cordless and has a convenient Hi Temp and Low Temp control. Switch the hot glue gun to Hi Temp for wood, metal and glass and Low Temp for foam, lace or fabric.

Large glue sticks are also available on our website for the large hot glue gun.

Item #: 57-0002

Master SKU 57-0002#
Our price: $29.29
Large Glue Gun with Hi Temp and Lo Temp
Large Glue Gun Cordless with Precision Nozzle
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