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Loba Floor Products

Loba Floor Products - Cork & Hardwood Floor Care

Loba Floor Products specializes in the development of professional cleaning products designed for treating and maintaining parquet and hardwood floors. Find a full line of effective floor care products including the popular Loba Parkett Oil floor maintenance, floor care refresher, hardwood floor cleaner and cleaner concentrate. Refresh the look of your oiled cork and wood floors with these safe and environmentally friendly flooring products. With decades of experience, Loba provides high quality floor care that is high quality and affordable.

Loba Floor Cleaning Products Highlights

  • Effective and affordable floor care products
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Safe and environmentally friendly

Find more Hardwood Floor Cleaner and maintenance products for cleaning, polishing, finishing and more. Order now!

Loba Care Remover
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Master SKU: 30-0025
Deep clean hardwood floors with Loba Care Remover. After diluting, this pH neutral floor cleaner breaks down layers of old floor care products. Use on all types of flooring including hardwood. Sold in a 32 oz concentrate.

Our price: $20.65
Loba Floor Care - Satin Refresher
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Master SKU: 30-0020
Hardwood floor refresher by the trusted Loba Floor Care line. This hardwood and cork floor maintenance product provides a fresh protective layer bringing satin shine to worn floors. Sold in a 32 oz bottle.

Our price: $27.85
Loba Floor Care - Semi Gloss Refresher
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Master SKU: 30-0021
Loba Floor Care Hardwood Refresher provides a protective layer of semi-gloss shine to worn floors. Sold in a 32 oz bottle. This cork and hardwood floor refresher can also be used on resilient floors.

Our price: $30.35
Loba Hardwood Floor Cleaner
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Master SKU: 30-0024
Trusted Loba Hardwood Floor Cleaner sold in a ready-to-use 32 oz spray bottle. No residue is left behind with this wood, laminate and cork cleaner. Use on many different types of hard surface floors.

Our price: $20.89
Loba Hardwood Floor Cleaner Concentrate
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Master SKU: 30-0023
Hard-to-find Loba Hardwood Floor Cleaner in an economical concentrated formula. Environmentally friendly cleaner for wood, laminate, cork and other hard surfaces.

Our price: $21.69
Loba Nature Oil
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Master SKU: 30-0027

Solvent-free Loba Nature Oil is ready-to-use and ideal for treating the whole floor or touching up small areas. This oiled wood floor care product is soap-free, waterborne and sold in a quart size bottle. ***The Loba Nature Oil is currently out of stock with No ETA.

Our price: $26.65
Loba Parkett Oil
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Master SKU: 30-0022
Finally an easy to use product for oiled wood floor maintenance. Loba Parkett Oil cleans and restores while adding durable protection. Sold in a 32 oz can.

Our price: $42.15
Loba ParkettSoap R2U
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Master SKU: 30-0026
Loba ParkettSoap is a ready-to-use basic cleaning solution for oiled wood floors. It can also be used as a wood deck cleaning product. Sold in a gallon container. Great alternative for Synteko Soap.

Our price: $39.29