Loba Parkett Oil

Loba Parkett Oil

Loba Floor Products for Oiled Wood Floor Maintenace

Loba Parkett Oil is a high quality maintenance oil for use on oil finished floors. This oiled wood floor maintenance product deep cleans and restores the beauty of your wood floor while also adding durable protection. There is no self-polishing needed wiht this easy-to-use Loba floor product. Remove surface scratches and wear marks with the Loba Parkett Oil. There are easy-to-follow instructions, depending on needed restoration (please see below).

Sold in a 32 oz can, which covers approximately 800 to 1,000 square feet.  Use this oiled wood floors maintenance product on wood floors which have been treated with oxidizing oils.

Additional information and application instructions

Loba Parkett Oil Directions
  • For newly installed multi-layer flooring elements: as well as freshly oiled floors, clean the floor thoroughly to remove all dust and grit (sweeping, vacuuming) and apply an even coat of Loba Parkett Oil using a lint-free cloth or sponge, wiping off any excess oil; do not allow the oil to pool or puddle
  • For used floors with wear marks: clean thoroughly with Floor Cleaner, if necessary prepare the surface using a floor machine fitted with mildly abrasive pads (beige/green). Allow floor to dry completely. Apply ParkettOil.
  • For larger areas: the product can be applied using a sprayer. Spray Loba Parkett Oil onto the floor, and buff the entire area using a floor machine fitted with a white pad.
We also carry the Loba Floor Products NatureOil, which retains the natural sheen of oiled wood floors.
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Parkett Oil by Loba Floor Products
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