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Madico / Richelieu - Feltac Floor Savers & Surface Protectors

Easily move furniture and avoid scratches with Madico Richelieu Feltac floor savers, glides & furniture pads. Use grippers to stop sliding furniture and felt wheel replacements to protect hard surface floors. These specialty surface care products can be used in every room of your home.

Madico Richelieu Feltac Floor Protector Highlights

  • Innovative floor and surface care products
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Eco-friendly packaging

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Black Thermoplastic Anti-Skid Floor Saver
Master SKU: 41-0540#
Stop furniture from moving with these anti-skid floor savers.

Our price: $3.79
Feltac and Super Slidex 121 piece Floor Protection Kit
Master SKU: 41-0501#
Everything you need to protect your floors in one convenient package.

Our price: $25.99
Feltac Casters with Plate Attachment for Hard Surfaces
Master SKU: 41-0555#
These felt fused wheels are great protection for hard surface floors. The versitile plate attachment will allow you to screw it into the bottom of many wood surfaces.

Our price: $21.99
Feltac Flexible Clear Sleeve for Square Legs
Master SKU: 41-0557
Allow furniture to slide effortlessly with these Feltac Flexible Clear Sleeve Floor Protectors. Available in two sizes for metal or wood square legs. Order now!

Our price: $9.39
Feltac Fusion Felt Wheels for Office Chairs
Master SKU: 41-0504#

Change out your standard office chair wheels for these felt fused wheels to protect your floor.

Our price: $29.99
Feltac Tap In Felt Floor Savers
Master SKU: 41-0510#

Protect hard surface floors from unsightly scratches made by your wood furniture.

Our price: $5.99
Fusion Feltac Snap Glides for Rail Furniture
Master SKU: 41-0502#
Snap Glides will protect your hard surfaces from the damage caused by rail type furniture.

Our price: $5.49
Metal Shell Carpet Base Hard Floor Protection Cups
Master SKU: 41-0521#
Protect your investment with these classic carpet base floor cups.

Our price: $3.65
Nail-On Carpet Base Hard Shell Glide
Master SKU: 41-0525#
Permenantly attach these hard shell with carpet base onto your tables or stands to protect hard surfaces from scratches.

Our price: $2.89
PVC Reinforced Heavy Duty Felt Floor Protection
Master SKU: 41-0550#

PVC Reinforced backing allows these felt pads to be screwed into your chairs so you do not have to worry about them coming off.

Our price: $4.35
Super Cup Woodgrain Caster Cups and Anti-Skid Grippers
Master SKU: 41-0514
Super Cups are plastic with a wood grain finish for a more elegant look. Anti-skid grippers protect your floors from damage.

Our price: $9.15
Super Feltac Insertion Glides
Master SKU: 41-0535#
Use these felt insertion glides for your metal chairs and tables that have hollow legs. Different sizes, shapes and even angled options available.

Our price: $3.29
Super Feltac Plastic Leg Tip with Felt
Master SKU: 41-0527#
Super Feltac felt floor savers by Madico.

Our price: $3.29
Replacement Plastic Chair Leg Tips
Master SKU: 41-0545#
Replace your worn caps on your chairs.

Our price: $2.15
Nail On Polypropylene Glide White
Master SKU: 41-0565#
Protect your floors with Madico Nail On Glides made of polypropylene.

Our price: $1.99
Feltac Casters with Threaded Stem
Master SKU: 41-0559#

These felt fused wheels are great protection for hard surface floors. The stems on these casters are threaded to replace standard threaded wheels.

Our price: $21.99