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Black Thermoplastic Anti-Skid Floor Saver
Master SKU: 41-0540#
Stop furniture from moving with these anti-skid floor savers.

Our price: $3.79
Feltac and Super Slidex 121 piece Floor Protection Kit
Master SKU: 41-0501#
Everything you need to protect your floors in one convenient package.

Our price: $25.99
Feltac Casters with Plate Attachment for Hard Surfaces
Master SKU: 41-0555#
These felt fused wheels are great protection for hard surface floors. The versitile plate attachment will allow you to screw it into the bottom of many wood surfaces.

Our price: $21.99
Feltac Fusion Felt Wheels for Office Chairs
Master SKU: 41-0504#

Change out your standard office chair wheels for these felt fused wheels to protect your floor.

Our price: $29.99
Feltac Tap In Felt Floor Savers
Master SKU: 41-0510#

Protect hard surface floors from unsightly scratches made by your wood furniture.

Our price: $5.99
Fusion Feltac Snap Glides for Rail Furniture
Master SKU: 41-0502#
Snap Glides will protect your hard surfaces from the damage caused by rail type furniture.

Our price: $5.49
Metal Shell Carpet Base Hard Floor Protection Cups
Master SKU: 41-0521#
Protect your investment with these classic carpet base floor cups.

Our price: $3.65
Nail-On Carpet Base Hard Shell Glide
Master SKU: 41-0525#
Permenantly attach these hard shell with carpet base onto your tables or stands to protect hard surfaces from scratches.

Our price: $2.89
PVC Reinforced Heavy Duty Felt Floor Protection
Master SKU: 41-0550#

PVC Reinforced backing allows these felt pads to be screwed into your chairs so you do not have to worry about them coming off.

Our price: $4.35
Super Cup Woodgrain Caster Cups and Anti-Skid Grippers
Master SKU: 41-0513#
Super Cups are plastic with a wood grain finish for a more elegant look. Your choice of a caster cup or anti-skid gripper.

Our price: $9.15
Super Feltac Insertion Glides
Master SKU: 41-0535#
Use these felt insertion glides for your metal chairs and tables that have hollow legs. Different sizes, shapes and even angled options available.

Our price: $3.29
Super Feltac Plastic Leg Tip with Felt
Master SKU: 41-0527#
Super Feltac felt floor savers by Madico.

Our price: $3.29
Replacement Plastic Chair Leg Tips
Master SKU: 41-0545#
Replace your worn caps on your chairs.

Our price: $2.15
Nail On Polypropylene Glide White
Master SKU: 41-0565#
Protect your floors with Madico Nail On Glides made of polypropylene.

Our price: $1.99
Feltac Casters with Threaded Stem
Master SKU: 41-0559#

These felt fused wheels are great protection for hard surface floors. The stems on these casters are threaded to replace standard threaded wheels.

Our price: $21.99