Magnetic Vent Cover 4 x 10

Magnetic Vent Cover 4 x 10

Dundas Jafine Magnetic Vent Cover - Control Air Flow to Lower Energy Bills

The Dundas Jafine magnetic vent cover is an economical and manageable way to conserve energy and lower energy bills, as it allows you to control air flow from the duct work in your home or office. This product can be cut to fit your floor grilles or registers - simply place on top of air exchange. When placed over a register or grille as a vent cover, it will keep rooms cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, helping to lower energy bills. Has a faux grille design to blend into your home or office decor. Two covers in each pack.

Available Sizes:

Item # Magnetic Vent Cover Color
25-0006 4" x 10" Gold/Bronze
25-0007 4" x 10" White

Please Note: These magnets are not strong enough for sidewall or ceiling registers. Use only on floor registers. Simply close vent and apply over top of faceplate.

Master SKU 25-0006#
Our price: $5.89
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Magnetic Vent Covers - 4x10
Magnetic Vent Covers - 4x10
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