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Metal Louvered Vents

Metal Louvered Floor Registers - Stocked & Custom Made Vents

Allow maximum ventilation while keeping out unwanted elements with Metal Louvered Vents. These stocked and custom made floor registers are available in standard colors and a very wide range of sizes. They are extremely durable and easy to install making them a great choice for high traffic areas. See product pages for sizes and special order options.

Metal Louvered Vent Highlights

  • Heavy duty metal louvered floor registers
  • Stocked and custom options available
  • Designed to support high traffic areas

We also have a full line of stocked and custom Wood Vents. Place your order today!

Shoemaker 1600R-0 Custom Metal Registers - Standard Colors
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 1600R-0-4x4

Shoemaker oversized registers can be used on the floor and come with extra supports for withstand heavy foot traffic. Two colors are available soft white and driftwood tan. This item is considered Special Order, Non-Returnable and cannot be canceled once placed.

Our price: $62.95
White Metal Floor Registers
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Master SKU: 61-0503#
Great low prices on classic white metal floor registers. Replace rusted, dented registers today. 10 sizes from 2.25 x 10 up to 6 x 14.

Our price: $5.79
Brown Stamped Steel Metal Floor Register
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 61-0488#

Replace your damaged or worn out floor registers with these economical brown stamped steel floor registers.

Our price: $5.79
Satin Anodized Floor Diffuser
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Master SKU: 24-0063#
This satin anodized floor register has a subtle, light silver appearance, unlike the bright look of chrome. Extremely durable with heavy cross bracing reinforcement.

Our price: $116.12
Heavy Gauge Steel Floor Register
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Master SKU: 24-0078#

Rigid floor register in 19 sizes. All-steel construction. Order this register when you need a top of the line heavy duty register. Color is a light brown.

Our price: $56.75
Firm Foam Tape
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Master SKU: 25-0262
Use this firm foam tape to help adjust your vent to fit into any odd size duct opening. This tan adhesive rubber padding is sold in 17 foot rolls, in width choices 1/2" and 3/4".

Our price: $7.99