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MetroFlor/Prevail - Adhesive, Cleaner & Floor Care

Prevail by MetroFlor offers long lasting adhesive, floor cleaner, finish, stripper and more. Ideal for vinyl flooring, these premium maintenance products are convenient, effective and affordable. See the difference they can make in your home. MetroFlor is in constant pursuit of new innovations. Their products are ideal for any residential setting and are also suitable for commercial applications. Get long lasting results that perform beyond your expectations with Prevail Adhesives and Accessories by MetroFlor.

MetroFlor Prevail Floor Care Highlights

  • Long lasting floor adhesive spray
  • Ready to use no rinse cleaner
  • Effective and easy to use

Use our Cleaning Mops & Pads to get your floors prepped and ready. Order today!

Prevail 1-Step Neutral Cleaner
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Master SKU: 35-0006#
Prevail 1-Step Neutral Cleaner by Metroflor is a no rinse cleaner for periodic maintenance of floor finish. It has replaced Konecto Cleaner. Use in residential or commercial settings.

Our price: $20.99
Prevail Neutral Cleaner - Ready-To-Use Spray
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Master SKU: 35-0500#

Prevail Neutral Cleaner is a no-rinse cleaner for all vinyl floors. This residential and commercial vinyl floor cleaner can simply be sprayed on and wiped off. The trusted brand Metroflor neutral cleaner leaves no dulling film. Sold in a ready-to-use 16 oz spray.

Our price: $17.89
Prevail Scratch Remover
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Master SKU: 35-0009#

Manufacturered by Metroflor to remove scratches on Prevail vinyl flooring. Get floors looking great again with this easy to use scratch remover!

Our price: $23.59