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Minwax Duraseal Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Minwax Duraseal Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Clean Wood Floors with Duraseal Minwax Floor Cleaner

Use Duraseal hardwood floor cleaner for all of your unwaxed wood floors. Minwax floor cleaner can be used on polyurethane finished floors or on water based finished floors to maintain the natural beauty of your hardwood floors. Use Minwax floor cleaner regularly to help maintain the finish on your hardwood floors. Minwax floor cleaner will safely remove dirt and other damaging particles that can potentailly harm the finish on your hardwood floors. Minwax floor cleaner also cleans wood floors without leaving a residue or sticky film. The ready to use Minwax floor cleaner is a maximum strength ready to use hardwood floor cleaner, do not add water.  Minwax floor cleaner is NOT to be used on waxed, oiled or unfinished wood.

Duraseal Hardwood Floor Cleaner Directions

  • Sweep or vacuum to pick up loose dirt and grit
  • Squirt or mist Duraseal hardwood floor cleaner lightly in an "S" pattern in a 3 to 4 foot area
  • Damp mop (make sure mop is only slightly damp)
  • Rinse mop as needed to remove dirt and debris
  • Do not walk on until floor is completely dry
Available Sizes:

Item # Duraseal Hardwood Floor Cleaner Size Coverage Price
16-0008 Ready to Use Spray 28 oz ~ 2,100 Sq Ft $9.99
16-0009  Ready to Use 32 oz ~2,400 Sq Ft $14.99

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