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Miscellaneous Floor and Surface Protection


Clear Vinyl Mat For Carpet by the Foot
Master SKU: 405C0027#
Heavy gauge clear plastic carpet runner has grippers on the bottom of the runner keep it in place. Herringbone pattern creates nonslip surface.

Our price: $4.19
Diamond Pattern Vinyl Runner for Hard Surface Floors
Master SKU: 28-0201#
Protect your hard surface floors with this vinyl runner. Available in 36" and 48" widths.

Our price: $5.29
Floor Tape - Secure Flooring Protection
Master SKU: 12-0099#
Secure flooring protection to the floor with this clean removal tape. This blue painters tape is a clean removal tape, and will not leave a sticky residue. Surface Shields  painters masking tape is UV resistant.

Our price: $9.89
Floor Protection Hand Roller
Master SKU: 12-0048#
Hand-Saver carpet mask hand rollers make installing carpet masking and floor cover a breeze.

Our price: $10.49
Kraft Shield Floor Protection Paper 35 x 144
Master SKU: 12-0016
Kraft Shield floor protection paper is a dependable solution to protect flooring and cabinets from paint and spills. This brown kraft paper is a preferred alternative to red rosing paper. Sold in a 35 inch x 144 foot roll.

Our price: $15.49
Builder Board Breathable Tape Roll
Master SKU: 12-0500

Let vapors escape by seaming Builder Board with this breathable tape. This strong, flexible floor protection tape lays flat and prevents cure lines. Sold in a 3 inch wide x 36 yard roll.

Our price: $15.99
Slipstick Furniture Movers
Master SKU: 21-0038#
Slipstick furniture movers will multitask for you; works on carpet or hard surface

Our price: $15.99
Slipstick 3 inch Bed Riser
Master SKU: 21-0036#
Add 3 1/4" of extra storage under your bed or other furniture with these bed risers.

Our price: $16.79
Surface Shields Zip N Close Zippers
Master SKU: 12-0122
Create an instant doorway when using plastic zipper strips at your construction site. This Zip N Close product comes with two zippers that are 1.5 inches wide by 7 feet high.

Our price: $17.09
Carpet Sleds Slide Furniture - 4 Pack
Master SKU: 12-0210#
Surface Shields Carpet Sliders make moving heavy furniture a breeze. These sliders for furniture will glide across the floor with ease. Four carpet surface sleds per pack.

Our price: $24.99
Hard Surface Sleds Move Furniture - 4 Pack
Master SKU: 12-0211#
Move heavy furniture easily and without damage to hard surface floors with Hard Surface Sleds.

Our price: $24.99
Adhesive Clean Mat
Master SKU: 12-0041#
Adhesive clean mat stops dirt from being tracked into your office or home during construction or remodeling jobs.

Our price: $28.50
Ram Board Stair Armor
Master SKU: 12-0013

Durable temporary hard surface stair protection saves floors from damaged that usually happens during home renovations and construction. Covers 6 steps.

Our price: $41.99
Protective Window Film Blue 24 x 600
Master SKU: 12-0036
Blue tinted protective window film by Surface Shields will shield your windows against residue and more. This self-adhesive blue window film will not leave a sticky residue. This short term, but dependable window shield can also be used to protect mirrors during moving. Roll Size 24 inch x 600 feet

Our price: $59.99
Tuf-Guard Breathable Floor Protection
Master SKU: 12-0040#
New Tuf-Guard tear proof and breathable floor protection. One of the toughest temporary floor protection available. Excellent for vinyl, hardwood, laminate, ceramic, marble, and granite surfaces.

Our price: $79.39
Water Shield Water Resistant Kraft Paper 36 x 300
Master SKU: 12-0012
Easy use of kraft paper combined with the protection against water and other liquids, makes the Water Shield construction floor protection a must have. This heavy-duty water resistant kraft paper does not tear under normal site traffic. Water Shield is sold in 36 inch wide x 300 foot length rolls.

Our price: $85.99
All Purpose Floor Protection
Master SKU: 12-0202

New Lower Pricing - Floorotex All Purpose Protective Floor Covering allows vapor transmissions, but is durable enough to use in construction settings. The backing of this waterproof floor cover is slightly tacky, which keeps the construction floor protection in place. Three roll sizes available.

Our price: $89.99
Builder Board 38 x 100
Master SKU: 12-0120#
New! Builder Board floor protection. Great for construction jobs.

Our price: $89.99
Pro-Tect Finished Floor Guard
Master SKU: 12-0056#
Pro-Tect brand Finished Floor Guard is a durable, reusable and breathable floor protection. Protect finished hardwood floors, stairs, tile, counter tops, and more! This breathable floor protection is available in 3 roll sizes.

Our price: $95.99
Floor Protection Stand Up Roller
Master SKU: 12-0046#
NEW Pricing! Save 12.9%! Adjustable carpet masking roller for easy installation of 24", 30" and 36" carpet protection film or hard surface film.

Our price: $115.49
Builder Board Seamer - Tape Applicator
Master SKU: 12-0017

Builder Board Tape Dispener will save time and money by taping faster than ever! Load, unwind and GO! 

Our price: $199.99
36 & 48 Stand Up Roller
Master SKU: 12-0299#
NEW!It is now easier to use the 36"x500' and 48" carpet protection rolls by applying it with this 48" stand up roller.

Our price: $268.50