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Miscellaneous Surface Care


Aqua Chempac Citrus All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate
Master SKU: 14-0103+121

Clean and deodorize all sealed surfaces such as bathrooms, kitchen, tile, and hardwood floors. With a refreshing citrus scent.

Our price: $9.39
Aqua Chempacs All Purpose Heavy Duty Cleaner Concentrate
Master SKU: 14-0105+122

All Purpose hard surface cleaner concentrate is an easy to use product that works on all hard surfaces. Removes most stain including grease, grime, ink and many more!

Our price: $5.99
Aqua Chempacs Car and Truck Wash and Shine Concentrate
Master SKU: 14-0117

This powerful vehicle cleaner will remove dirt, insects, grease, and road film with out leaning any residue or streaking.

Our price: $6.69
Aqua Chempacs Floor Conditioner and Neutralizer
Master SKU: 14-0111

Aqua Chempacs Floor Conditioner and Neutralizer is a very strong alkaline neutralizer that can be used to get rid of hard stains such as lime and hard water deposits. Use on floors and metals.

Our price: $46.29
Aqua Chempacs Glass and Hard Surface Concentrate
Master SKU: 14-0101+120

This is a powerful cleaner that not only cleans grease, grime, and fingerprints but also leaves a protective coating that helps prevent them in the future.

Our price: $8.69
Aqua Chempacs Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner Concentrate
Master SKU: 14-0110

All around powerful cleaner and disinfectant that can be used in your home, hotels, schools, and restaurants. Great on most waterproof surfaces.

Our price: $29.09
Aqua Chempacs Neutral Floor Cleaner Concentrate
Master SKU: 14-0109

This everyday cleaner can be used on all sealed floor, especially on high gloss floors without dulling or hazing your beautiful finish

Our price: $30.19
Aqua Chempacs Sanitary Restroom Cleaner Concentrate
Master SKU: 14-0107+123

This concentrated cleaner is made especially for locations where cleanliness and disinfection are of the utmost importance. Locations like hospitals, nursing homes, and restaurants.

Our price: $9.79
Cal-Flor Butcher Block Conditioner
Master SKU: 22-0037
Butcher block conditioner contains natural wax to protect wood surfaces from moisture and stains. This wood cutting board care product is food-grade and has a pleasant lemon scent. Sold in a 12 oz bottle.

Our price: $10.39
Cal-Flor Butcher Block Oil
Master SKU: 22-0036
Protect your wood kitchen products with the Cal-Flor butcher block oil. This effective mineral oil for wood is colorless, odorless, won't interfere with flavor of food, and Kosher. Sold in a 12 oz bottle.

Our price: $9.49
Gundlach Calcium Blocker Reduce Calcium Build Up
Master SKU: 45-0031#

Gundlach GC36 Calcium Blocker reduces calcium build up in your shower and other household surfaces. Inhibit efflorescence with this multi-surface protectant. Available in a ready-to-use 32 oz spray.

Our price: $57.99
LeatherGlos Polish
Master SKU: LeatherGlos4#
LeatherGlos made by Liquiguard is a water base coating to protect and enhance leather and vinyl. Safe for use on handbags, shoes, clothing, furniture, floors and more.

Our price: $19.95
Libman 16 oz Freedom Multi-Surface Cleaner Concentrate
Master SKU: 66-0002

Cut through grease, grime and more with Libman 16 oz Freedom Multi-Surface Cleaner Concentrate.

Our price: $9.99
Rock Doctor Stainless Steel Cleaner and Protectant
Master SKU: 11-0009#
Rock Doctor stainless steel cleaner is a blend of oils and solvents designed to clean without being harsh. This appliance polish acts as a cleaner and protectant for stainless steel, aluminum and chrome. Your stainless steel cleaner eliminates fingerprints, smudges, dirt and grease. $2 manufacturer rebate available!

Our price: $9.09
Total Solutions Live Micro 535
Master SKU: 18-0001#
Total Solutions Live Micro is a natural cleaner made with bacteria to help break down organic waste. This enzyme odor remover comes in a 32 oz bottle and needs to be diluted based on the surface area being cleaned. Safe to use in homes, hotels and hospitals.

Our price: $4.59
Traction Plus Bath Traction Treatment
Master SKU: 11-0078

Traction Plus Bath Traction Treatment is a one-step cleaner and slip resistant enhancer to put an end to slip and fall accidents in your bath tub and shower! 

Our price: $16.79
Traction Plus Daily Cleaner and Maintainer Gallon
Master SKU: 11-00751

Traction Plus penetrates the pores of the ceramic and tile floors to dissolve slippery film caused by dirt and grease build up so prevent slipping accidents! 

Our price: $27.69
Traction Plus Finished Surfaces Cleaner and Maintainer
Master SKU: 11-0076.

This Traction Plus for finished surfaces will clean your floors while bringing back it's slip resistance in just a few easy steps. Use this product on your VCT, sheet vinyl, sealed wood and more! 

Our price: $36.19
Traction Plus Green Building Cleaner and Maintainer Gallon
Master SKU: 11-00771

Safely treat your floors the eco-friendly way with the Traction Plus Green Building Line! No harsh chemicals added! 

Our price: $29.39