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Mohawk Carpet Cleaning Care Kit

Mohawk Carpet Cleaning Care Kit
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Mohawk Carpet Care Kit -  Soil Pre-Treat & Dry Carpet Clean Powder

The Mohawk Carpet Care Kit is made up of two main cleaners. The first is the Soil Release Pre-Treatment Spray. Spraying this on the affected area first and letting it sit for a few minutes will help to break down the innitial stains and dirt allowing the Dry Carpet Cleaner to swoop in and finish the job with its highly absorbent carpet sponge technology. Whether these products are working in tandem or separately, they both pack a huge punch as far as carpet cleaning goes. You can even use the Pre-Treatment on it's own to pick up stains around the house. Both the Pre-Treatment and the Dry Cleaner are available separately as well as in the kit by selecting the item in the drop down menu below. 

Carpet Care Kit Includes:

  • (1) 24oz Soil Release Pre-Treatment Spray
  • (1) 2.5lbs Dry Carpet and Rug Cleaner
  • (1) Stiff bristle brush

Directions for use

  • Clean area of all dust and debris prior to beginning
  • Spray Pre-Treatment on affected area
  • Allow to sit for 3 minutes
  • Apply the Dry Carpet Cleaner sponges in even, light coat over affected area
  • Using included brush, lightly brush Dry Carpet Cleaner into the carpet
  • Allow Dry Carpet Cleaner to sit for up to 30 minutes (longer for heavy soiling)
  • Vacuum away the Dry Carpet Cleaner and watch the stains get sucked up with it!

Mohawk has a wide ranging line of cleaners for a wide variety of flooring types. Find the right Mohawk Floor Cleaner for your here!

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Mohawk Dry Carpet Cleaning Kit
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