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Omni Back-to-New Grout Cleaner

Omni Back-to-New Grout Cleaner

Make Grout Look New With Omni Back-to-New Grout Cleaner

The Omni grout cleaner not only deeps cleans, but also acts as a grout restoration product by removing efflorescence and soap scum. Easy-to-use cleaning product can be used as a cement, epoxy and urethane grout cleaner. The surfactants of this grout restoration cleaner penetrate below contaminates to break the surface bonds to make cleaning easy. The acids in this urethane grout cleaner dissolve ground-in dirt and stains to make grout look new. Sold in a 32 oz bottle which covers approximately 33 to 100 square feet.

Omni Back-to-New Grout Cleaner Instructions:
  • Sweep or vacuum surface to be cleaned to remove loose particles
  • Apply Back-to-New Grout Cleaner using a sponge, mop or brush
  • Allow the cement, epoxy and urethane grout cleaner to dwell for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Agitate with a nylon scrub brush, pad, or other comparable non-marring scrubbing tool, until grout is clean
  • Thoroughly clean with water

Please Note: Always test in a small inconspicuous area to determine desired results. May etch, lighten or alter the color of metal, tile, natural stone (such as marble and other acid sensitive stones) and cement based surfaces. This grout restoration cleaner does not bleach or soften grout joints, however, the buffered acids may remove a micro-thin top layer of grout to help expose the original grout color.
Do not mix with ammoniated cleaners or bleach as harmful fumes may result.

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