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Omni Grout Additive - Sanded or Non-Sanded Grout

Omni Grout Additive - Sanded or Non-Sanded Grout

Omni Grout Additive Sealer for Sanded or Non-Sanded Grout

Omni Grout Additive for Dry Sanded and Non-Sanded Cement Grouts. Makes cement grout denser and stronger. Eliminates the need to seal new grout after installation. Simply use this floor grout sealer in place of water when mixing cement grout. This Omni sealer will resist stains for the lifetime of the grout joints. Harsh cleaners containing ammonia bleach, high-acid, high-alkaline, or solvents can affect the lifetime grout joint and the sealer. Sold in a 27 oz or 48 oz size bottle.

Omni Grout Additive Sealer Important Tip:
  • One 27 ounce bottle can be used for 10 pound bag of dry sanded cement grout
  • One 48 ounce bottle can be used for a 10 pound bag of dry non-sanded cement grout
Using the Omni Grout Additive Floor Grout Sealer Application Steps:
Ready entire label before using. Use only as directed
  1. Follow Grout Manufacturers' mixing instructions; Simply use Grout Additive Sealer in place of water or liquid latex additive.
  2. Gradually Mix Grout Additive Sealer with dry cement grout powder to achieve desired consistency. Begin by pouring most, but not all of the Grout Additive Sealer into mixing bucket. Then add most, but not all cement grout powder. Avoid breaking dust, mix well, preferably at low speed with mixing paddle. Add remaining Grout Additive Sealer and/or remaining grout powder to achieve desired consistency and continue mixing. Once grout is mixed to desired consistency, allow grout to "slake" (sit in bucket) for at least 10 minutes, and then remix
  3. Follow grout manufacturers' grout installation instructions using little cleanup water as possible

Additional information and application instructions PDF file

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