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Omni Heavy Duty Cleaner

Omni Heavy Duty Cleaner
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Omni Alkaline Cleaner - Heavy Duty Cleaner & Concrete Sealer Remover

Concentrated alkaline cleaner is sold in a 70 oz container, which requires dilution before using. This versatile heavy duty cleaner can be used on tile, stone, concrete, masonry and grout surfaces. This non-toxic concentrated cleaner leaves a clean, fresh, long-lasting rosemary scent. Coverage rate is approximately 75 to 10,000 square feet depending on dilution, surface type, and method of application.

Omni Heavy Duty Cleaner Dilution:

For Use as a Tile, Stone, or Concrete Sealer Remover: Mix 1 part cleaner to 2 parts water
For Use as a moderate contaminate build-up (algae, grout release, mold/mildew): Mix 1 part cleaner to 5 parts water
For Use as an everyday cleaner: Mix 1 part cleaner to 40 parts water (approximately 3 oz per gallon of water)

Additional information and application instructions PDF file

Heavy Duty Alkaline Cleaner Application Steps:

  1. Ready entire label before using. Use only as directed
  2. Sweep or vacuum surface to be cleaned to remove any loose contaminants
  3. Dilute Heavy Duty Cleaner with water to match cleaning needs
    Warm water enhances the Omni Heavy Duty Cleaner's performance
  4. Liberally apply cleaning solution to the surface to be cleaned with a sponge, mop or brush
  5. Allow cleaning solution to dwell on surface for up to 5 minutes
  6. Agitate with a white nylon scrub pad or a mop, natural-bristle brush or other comparable non-marrying scrubbing tool until surface is clean
  7. Mop up dirty solution. A wet/dry vacuum may also be used
  8. Thoroughly rinse surface with water, changing water at least every 250 square feet
  9. Wipe surface completely dry using a clean, dry, white cotton or micro-fiber towel
  10. If surface is to be sealed, allow 24 hours drying time prior to applying

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Omni Heavy Duty Cleaner - Alkaline Cleaner
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