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Plastic Wall Vents

Plastic Wall Vents


Deflect-o Plastic Sidewall/Ceiling Register
Master SKU: 25-0019
Rust proof white plastic registers for sidewall and ceiling use. Light weight and excellent in damp areas like the bathroom or a hot tub area. The three way deflection which points in the directions of left, right and down towards the floor comes in three sizes and the single deflection comes in one size.

Our price: $9.99
White Plastic Sidewall or Ceiling Register
Master SKU: 24-1551#
Hart and Cooley RZ682 white sidewall / ceiling register is made of ABS plastic, and has two-way deflection. Comes with a damper, and can be used for heating or cooling.

Our price: $21.49
Plastic Pop Up Floor/Ceiling Register and Air Deflector
Master SKU: 10-0151#

Unique register with pop-up air deflector option. Use on floor or ceiling. Available in White, Tan or Almond.

Our price: $6.59
Plastic Return Air Grill
Master SKU: 10-0180#
Having rust problems on your return air grills? Now you can use plastic return air grilles in your high moisture areas.

Our price: $3.49
Plastic Decorative Air Return Grill
Master SKU: 36-0007
Hard-to-find decorative air return grilles in a beautiful scroll design. No-rust plastic return air grille available in three standard sizes available.

Our price: $30.99
Plastic Baseboard Return Air Grill
Master SKU: 10-0215#

Replace your rusty baseboard grills with ones that will not rust.

Our price: $4.29
Plastic Decorative Baseboard Cover
Master SKU: 36-0001#

Decorative baseboard covers that you can paint to match your decor. Plastic baseboard covers featuring an attractive design and a larger depth than traditional wall returns. Four standard sizes available.

Our price: $30.99