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Plastic Wall Vents

Plastic Registers & Return Air Grills - Plastic Ceiling Vents

Replace your old wall vents with rust-proof plastic registers & air returns. Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and other high moisture areas, plastic vents are scratch resistant & easy to install. Enjoy the classic look of a clean white finish. See product pages below for additional details and available sizes.

Plastic Wall Register Highlights

  • Durable plastic registers and returns for high moisture areas
  • Rust-proof and scratch resistant
  • Light-weight and easy to install

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White Plastic Sidewall or Ceiling Register
Master SKU: 24-1551#
Hart and Cooley RZ682 white sidewall / ceiling register is made of ABS plastic, and has two-way deflection. Comes with a damper, and can be used for heating or cooling.

Our price: $14.09
Plastic Pop Up Floor/Ceiling Register and Air Deflector
Master SKU: 10-0151#

Unique register with pop-up air deflector option. Use on floor or ceiling. Available in White, Tan or Almond.

Our price: $6.59
Plastic Return Air Grill
Master SKU: 10-0180#
Having rust problems on your return air grills? Now you can use plastic return air grilles in your high moisture areas.

Our price: $3.49
Plastic Baseboard Return Air Grill
Master SKU: 10-0215#

Replace your rusty baseboard grills with ones that will not rust.

Our price: $4.29