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Colored Grout and Grout Tools - Premixed Urethane Grout

Find premixed urethane and component grout in a variety of colors. Perfect for your home or business and safe to use indoors or outdoors. Premixed grout saves you time by eliminating extra steps. We offer ColorFast urethane grout, Bostik Dimension grout, Bostik TruColor grout and Fusion Pro Single Component grout. Get color accuracy, crack resistant flexibility, stain resistance and more. Easy to use products for professionals or do-it-yourselfers. You can also find a selection of grout tools for installation and removal. See categories below for additional details and product options.

Premixed Grout Highlights

  • Ready to use grout in a wide range of colors
  • Stain resistant and safe for indoor or outdoor use
  • Easy application and hassle-free clean up

Need caulk to coordinate with your projects? We have Colored Caulk in a variety of colors. Custom color matching is also available.

Bostik Tru Color TruColor - Colored Urethane Grout - A variety of colors of Bostik urethane grout, a great choice for any project.
Available in 9lb or 18lb buckets. 
Bostik Dimension Grout Bostik Dimension - Reflective Urethane Grout - 15 colors of translucent premixed urethane grout made specially for use with glass or metal tiles.
Available in 9lb or 18lb buckets. Previously known as Star Quartz Star Glass Grout.
Fusion Pro Single Component Grout

Fusion Pro Single Component Premixed Grout - 24 colors of sanded premixed grout made from an advanced acrylic plus silicone resin formula.
Available in gallon containers.

Grout Tools Grout Tools - Grout tools for removing and installing grout. Get everything you need to complete your project in one place.

Custom Colored Grout Matching from ColorFast is Also Available
  • You also have the option to order custom match premixed urethane grout to a variety of manufacturer colors.
  • There are additional charges and minimum quantities required for custom orders.
  • All custom pricing and processing inquires can be made between 8 and 5 CST, Monday through Friday.

Custom colored premixed tile grout is a special order/non-returnable item.

You will need to provide a manufacturer color number for color matching. We can only match grout manufacturer color lines.

Contact us at 866-258-1554 Monday through Friday, 8-5 CST or email Sales@InstallerStore.com with questions.

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