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Prevail Vinyl Stripper

Prevail Vinyl Stripper
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Vinyl Floor Finish Remover for Floor Maintenance

Make vinyl floor maintenance easy with this vinyl floor finish remover. Use Prevail vinyl floor stripper on sheet tile, luxury tile, VCT and basically all vinyl flooring. This vinyl floor finish remover is ideal for both residential and commercial locations. Some vinyl floor maintenance products are too harsh and damage floors, but this vinyl floor finish remover will not harm your flooring investment.

Use this vinyl floor stripper throughout the life of your floors to remove buildup and residue left from finishes. Prevail vinyl floor stripper will remove both gloss and matte sealers. This concentrated vinyl floor finish remover was created to strip both acrylic and wax finishes. Prevail vinyl stripper comes in a 32 oz size bottle that will cover approx. 150-250 sq ft.

Floor Stripper by MetroFlor Highlights

  • Remove buildup without harming floors
  • Designed to easily remove acrylics and waxes
  • For periodic vinyl floor maintenance

Prevail Vinyl Floor Stripper Instructions:

  • Mix 1 qt vinyl floor finish remover to 3 qt water
  • Apply solution to a moderate sized area
  • Allow solution 5 minutes to soak
  • Scrub at low speed using Scrub-Grit, 3M green scrub pad, or similar product
  • Vacuum remaining used solution
  • Rinse floor with clean water
  • Vacuum water and allow floor to dry
  • Apply matte, gloss, or other finish according to directions
Additional vinyl floor maintenance products by Prevail are available for all your floor care needs!

Buy vinyl finish remover as the first step to getting your floors back to their best! Get yours today!

Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.
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Prevail Vinyl Stripper
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