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Red-Out Carpet Spot Removal Kit From Nilodor

Red-Out Carpet Spot Removal Kit From Nilodor
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Nilodor Kit - RedOut and Fresh Spot Stain Remover

Red stains on carpet are history with Nilodor. Also works great on removing INK stains. The 2 step red stains remover kit includes 1 quart bottle each of RedOut and Fresh Spot. This red stain remover kit by Nilodor removes stubborn color spots and stains where bleach cannot be used. The Fresh Spot detergent is for use on fresh stains such as Kool-Aid, foods, clay, washable inks, sugars and more. Nil Odor RedOut red stain remover is for elimination of stubborn color or dye residues, such as varnish stains, old coffee spots, colored medicines, etc. With this two-part cleaning system, no stain will last with help from the NilOdor kit!

Both bottles in this red stain remover kit are Quart (32 oz) size.

Carpet Red-Out Product Highlights

  • Removes stubborn color spots where bleaches cannot be used
  • This red stain remover is a dye solvent effective on color residues
  • Effectively removes various dyes, ink residues, furniture leg spots due to varnish, colored medicines, old coffee spots, and old wine stains

Red-Out Stain Remover Directions:

  • Saturate the spot with Red-Out
  • Cover spot with pad of paper toweling. Weigh down pad with a non bleeding agent
  • Inspect spot after half hour and re-wet with Red-Out
  • If necessary, allow treatment to remain overnight
  • Rinse several times with clean water and absorb into a sponge or clean white towel

  • Fresh Spot Product Highlights:
    • This stain remover is a emulsifying, neutral, nonionic detergent effective on fresh accidents
    • Effective on fresh stains such as animal and beverage stains, clay, dirt, feces, food, ice cream, and washable inks
    • Fresh Spot is a super, all purpose spotter
    Fresh Spot Directions:
    • Apply clean water to spot
    • Apply Fresh Spot and blot and absorb with clean white towel
    • Rinse with clean water and blot after spot or stain has been removed
    • Repeat if necessary
    • Dry by blotting with a clean white towel, place a non-bleeding weight on towel to help soak up stain into towel
    • Allow to dry
    ***Always test for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area prior to use on problem area.

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    Red-Out Carpet Spot Removal Kit From Nilodor
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