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Roberts Rug Gripper Tape

Roberts Rug Gripper Tape

Rug Gripper Tape - Stop Rugs from Slipping on Wooden Floors

Looking for an easy to use product to stop your rugs from slipping on wooden floors? Then look no further, the Roberts rug gripper tape is just the product for you. This mat and rug anti slip tape is applied directly to the floor and not the rug, eliminating the need for expensive rug pads. The rug to carpet gripper tape is safe for all floor surfaces including tile, marble, laminate and wood. This mesh style rug gripper tape is safe, non-toxic and odor free. You can even reposition the rug anti slip tape after applying. The roll size is 2.5 inches x 60 feet, and is made to be used on small rugs. Have larger rugs? No worry, you can even use this rug anti slip product on the corners of large mats. Keep your rugs from slipping on wooden floors and bunching up with the Roberts gripper tap.

Rug Gripper Tape Highlights:

  • Roll size 2.5 inches x 60 feet
  • Rug anti slip attaches directly to floor, and not mat
  • Safe for all floor surfaces, including carpet
  • Made for small rugs, but can be used to secure corners of large rugs
  • Safe, non-toxic and odor free
  • Will not stain or discolor floor
  • Removable and repositionable rug gripper tape
Use this rug to carpet gripper tape indoors only

How to stop rugs from slipping on wooden floors and other surfaces:

  • Floor surface must be thoroughly clean and dry
  • Cut the Rug Gripper Tape into strips to fit the outline of the rug or mat
  • Firmly press the strips to the floor (blue release liner facing up)
  • Make sure you apply the strips parallel to the direction that most foot traffic will flow
  • Remove blue liner from rug gripper tape and secure rug or mat to floor
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