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SKM Grout Aide Grout Marker

SKM Grout Aide Grout Marker
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Grout Aide Marker for Use on Colored Grout

Grout Aide marker by SKM Industries is a colored grout marker which makes it simple to update colored grout. The colored grout marker provides you with an incredibly easy way to refresh the color of tile grout, and can also be used to completely change grout color.

The Grout Aide marker's solution is non-toxic, water-resistant, fast-drying and non-bleaching, so it can even be used in a non-ventilated bathroom. The colored grout solution contains both pigment and an antimicrobial sealant to prevent mold and mildew staining. Easily transform the appearance of any grout when repairing tile surfaces with the Grout Aide marker. Colored grout markers come in over 34 different grout colors. Each colored grout marker covers approximately 175 lineal feet of average grout lines. These markers contain 7.4 ml (1/4 fl oz) of solution.

Tile & Grout Marker Highlights

  • Colored Grout Markers are great for concealing imperfections
  • Can give your colored grout a brand new look
  • Grout Aide Markers are specially formulated to kill mold, mildew, and bacteria
  • Non-toxic solution
  • The tip is reversible! Remove the tip when worn, reverse it, and reinsert it into the marker
    View our helpful Technical Data Sheet for more information on this grout aide marker

Grout Aide Marker Instructions:

  • Wash the surface you are working with before you begin
  • Before opening the Grout Aide Marker shake for 30 seconds. When you hear the mixing ball, it is ready to go
  • Remove the top and gently press the nib down on a piece of paper until the colored grout comes out.
           Be patient, it needs to fill all of the nib pores completely.
  • To apply a thinner coat, you can dip the tip of the Grout-Aide Marker in a little clean water
  • The Grout Aide Markers grout takes about 2 minutes to dry, so if you make a mistake, simply wipe it off with a wet towel and start over!
Available Grout Aide Marker Colors:

Item # Color Item # Color
65-0001 White 65-0018 Dusty Rose
65-0002 Buff 65-0019 Ivory
65-0003 Gray 65-0020 Boston Fern
65-0004 Almond 65-0021 Laguna
65-0005 Charcoal 65-0022 Natural Gray
65-0006 Mushroom 65-0023 Pewter
65-0007 Latte 65-0024 Platinum
65-0008 Antique White 65-0025 Slate Gray
65-0009 Smoke Gray 65-0026 Navajo Tan
65-0010 Midnight Black 65-0027 Saltillo
65-0011 Silk 65-0028 Sandstone
65-0012 Copper Beech 65-0029 Sauterne
65-0013 Chocolate Truffle 65-0061 Siltstone
65-0014 Kashmir 65-0062 Silver
65-0015 Light Pewter 65-0064 Silver Shadow
65-0016 Sand Beige 65-0065 Parchment
65-0017 River Rock 65-0066 Quarry Red

Larger View of Available Colors Here

*** NOTE: Always test Grout Aide Markers in a small inconspicuous area first. Remember that the color shown is based on covering white grout. The color will change based on the color it is going over (you may get a more true color adding multiple coats). Think of it like hair dye: the color on the box is not necessarily the color your hair will turn out because they put the dye on a light blonde hair. If the color does not match or is not to your liking, quickly wipe the grout clean with a damp cloth. DO NOT let it dry.

Purchase replacement tips for this size of Grout Aide Marker in a convenient 2-pack. We also have thick grout aide markers in a 17ml size for larger grout lines.

Update your grout today with our grout markers in a variety of colors.

Please note:All screens are uniquely calibrated and there may be modest differences between the actual product color and the color you see on your screen. For the most accurate representation of colors, please contact us for a Grout Marker color chart, or E-mail your request to sales@installerstore.com.

Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.
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SKM Grout Aide Grout Marker
Grout Aide Marker
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