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Sentinel 787 Adhesive, Seam & Spot Cleaner

Sentinel 787 Adhesive, Seam & Spot Cleaner
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Seam Cleaner Will Remove Adhesive From Carpets and More

This seam cleaner is ideal for spot cleaning and grease marks. Also use to remove adhesive from carpet, wood floors, vinyl and more. As a seam cleaner simply apply Sentinel 787 to a clean cloth and blot up residue. Remove adhesive from carpet in addition to grease and oil stains from most washable surfaces. This seam cleaner product is sold in a convenient 32 oz squeeze bottle.

Adhesive, Seam & Spot Cleaner Highlights

  • Easily remove adhesive from carpet
  • VOC compliant and made in the USA
  • Also formulated to remove grease and oil marks
  • Easy to use 32 oz squeeze bottle

Directions to Remove Adhesive from Carpet:

  • Apply seam cleaner to a clean cloth and wipe onto glue residue
  • If glue has dried allow 787 to penetrate and soften glue
  • Blot at spot until glue is gone, removing all adhesive residue
  • Turn cloth frequently, using a clean area each time to blot the glue
  • Rinse with warm water and allow to dry before walking on it

Seam Cleaner For Vinyl Floor Instructions:

  • Apply 787 to a clean rag and wipe seam clean
  • Wipe clean with a dry towel to prep seams for sealing
  • Rinse with warm water and let surface dry before use

Remove Adhesive From Carpet Seams:

  • Wipe seam cleaner with a clean cloth over affected area, blotting as you go
  • Rinse with warm water to remove residue and cleaner

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Use to remove adhesive from carpet, oil or grease stains and glue residue throughout your home. Don't delay, place your order today!

Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.

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Sentinel 787- Adhesive Spot Remover
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