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Sh Mop Sh Wipe Terry Cloth Mop Cover - 8 x 15

Sh Mop Sh Wipe Terry Cloth Mop Cover - 8 x 15

Sh Mop Refills - Terry Cloth Mop Replacement Covers

This is the terry cloth mop replacement covers for the popular Sh Mop. The machine washable terry cloth mop cover with elastic band fits the 8 x 15 Sh Mop head. This terry cloth mop cover is sturdy enough to last hundreds of washings. The elastic border of this Sh mop refill cover allows it to be easily fitted over the 8x15 base of you mop. This terry cloth replacement cover is far superior to any other mop pad out there! The super absorbent and durable Sh Mop refill pad is suited for use on hardwood, tile, marble, laminate and vinyl floors.

This microfiber dust mop and wet mop cover can be used with the Sh Mop, available for separate purchase on our site. You can also use this mop cover on any 8x15 mop head.
If you prefer a microfiber mop cover, the Sh Mop brand also makes a great wet/dry cleaning mop pad.

When machine washing and drying these terry cloth mop covers, do not use chlorine bleach, fabric softener or dryer sheets when washing
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Terry Cloth Mop Cover with Elastic 8x15 Sh Mop
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